Matinee: Stefan van de Sande


I was born on November 4, 1958 at 6:30 am in Middelburg, The Netherlands.
There were 5 of us in the family; mum, dad, my brother and sister.
Looking back, I can say I enjoyed my youth. We moved several times and I liked that.
We lived close to the North Sea. The beach life had a huge impact on me.

One day in 1972, my brother took me to the cinema to see the 'Apple films' concert documentary of the Concert for Bangladesh. I was 13 and impressed and will never forget what I saw that night. Bob Dylan and George Harrison playing together two songs, "Blowing in the wind' and 'Just like a woman'. My love for music and song writing was born. I didn’t know then that music would become so important to me many years later.

My sister owned a guitar. When she wasn't at home I would borrow it and a little songbook with chords and teach myself my favourite song 'Blowing in the wind' over the span of a few weeks. Later that year on my birthday, my parents bought me my first guitar. I can remember spending hours and hours every day on that guitar.
When I was 18 years old I left home because I had a disagreement with my parents about a girl I was seeing. I took the first train to her place and we lived together many years. We had a family and were happy most of the time. I had various jobs to earn money but I could not find satisfaction in the work I was doing. I eventually divorced her and later married again. After my father died in 2001 and my second relationship was in trouble, I began to return to my daydreaming reminiscing over those years when I was a happy teenager.

It was Christmas of 2006. I was alone at night and I can remember deciding to pick up my guitar again and to make a record before my 50th birthday. Since that moment things really began to change. I released several CD's and performed everywhere I could play not only in Holland, but also in Germany, Sweden, Scotland and Austria.

I continued to hold down a full time job so as to earn money but I could not do it any more with enough commitment because my heart was with my music.
I knew in 2011 that a big change would come in 2012.

It came on one historical night on February 29, 2012. Elaine Allison from Scotland opened my eyes by saying: "Can't you see? It is in front of you. You are a musician and you have to share your songs with people. That's your duty on earth"

Since then I travel across Europe to perform my songs and share my life and stories.


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