Concert: Ziv Taubenfeld - Full Sun

Ziv Taubenfeld, born in Karmiel, Israel in February 1986, started playing the clarinet at age 11 as part of the school orchestra and continued with classical music studies at the local conservatory. During that period, following the low sounds, the bass clarinet was added as a second instrument that soon became Ziv's main focus. His interest in improvised music grew bigger after meeting the influential saxophone player Albert Beger, who opened up a path that eventually led to further studies of the bass clarinet with Michael Moore in the Netherlands.

 Taubenfeld's new group - FULL SUN - searches for a space that is timeless, a place where sounds talk of primitive existence. Following their debut performance at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, they are now working towards future concerts at major venues and festivals across Europe.

A former member of the Michael Moore Pool, Ziv currently leads Bones, a trio that is dedicated to his own compositions, and the new group mentioned above (FULL SUN), as well as being a member of Kuhn Fu, Plots and Xavier Pamplona Ensemble. Other recent collaborations include Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Guus Janssen and Luis Vicente among others. 

In 2016 Ziv was offered a Carte Blanche at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, and shortly after got the invitation to present the music of Bones at the North Sea Jazz Festival in July 2017. The third album of Bones- Reptiles- will be released in fall 2019 on NoBusiness Records.


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