Matinee: Old Salt

The band met back In the summer of 2013 when Dan Wall, a then carpenter and street musician from New York, found his way to a world music conference in the Istria region of Slovenia. During this two week period he met and collaborated with many talented and inspiring musicians from around the globe some of whom backed him up on his first festival show.  These musicians (Anton Teljebäck, Dave Barfoot, Lotte Remmen, Johannes Wannyn) are now fast friends and continue to play with Old Salt today. Not long after their adventures in Slovenia, they were able to rendezvous in February 2014 when invited to a music festival in Umeå, Sweden. This road wound down to Ghent Belgium, where bass player Lara Rosseel joined the group and where the band is based today. In 2017 the band was completed with the entrance of French cellist Toby Kuhn and today Old Salt performs as a quartet or a septet. Between street performing, numerous festival stages and folk venues the momentum has naturally grown to bring them to the fore as a band that pushes the limits of folk music. In the summer of 2018 they recorded their second album in GAM Studio (Belgium), the release is planned for May 2019.


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