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Steven Kamperman

As a clarinetist and a saxophonist, Steven Kamperman has earned high marks for his dynamic and imaginative improvisations. As a composer, he has an uncanny ability to transform folk music concepts into his own magic universe.

Born in 1970, Steven Kamperman started playing clarinet at the age of nine.

In 1991 he won second prize at the Dutch Middelsee Jazz concours with Trio Hip.

In 1998 he was invited to make the first Dutch Young VIP-tour with his group
1 Step 7 Seas, performing at several major Dutch festivals and jazz clubs, including North Sea Jazz Festival and SJU/Vredenburg Jazz Festival, with special guest Dominique Pifarély on violin.

Since 1998, as a result of his interest in ethnic folk music, Kamperman has performed with musicians of many ethnic backgrounds in the Global Village Orchestra, his own project M.O.T (African groove improvisation), Compasión, the succesful Serbian brassband Carlama Orkestar, and several other ensembles. He also performed as a regular member of several modern improvisation ensembles, including Bigtet Tetzepi and Paul Pallesen’s Bite the Gnatze.

In 2002, he co-founded the Turkish-Dutch World Jazz ensemble Baraná with singer Behsat Üvez , as a result of a successful composition and performance commissioned by Music Meeting Nijmegen. This first Baraná-concert was broadcast by Dutch radio and TV and later issued on CD as well. Subsequently, Baraná conceived of several well-received projects: Ileriye anilar (2006, Baraná & Co), Gül ve Bülbül (2008, Baraná Trio), Modes et Maqams (2009, Baraná Trio with Valentin Clastrier & Carlo Rizzo), Sarap (2010, Baraná Quintet), and Xenopolis (2011, with Ceylan Ertem). Since 2009, due to its outstanding results, Baraná has been receiving support from the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts.

In 2008, newspaper De Pers named three of Steven’s recordings on position 1, 2, and 3 on a list of best recent Dutch crossover productions. From 2009 on, Steven has been receiving several 5 star reviews  from leading Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant (Baraná Modes et Maqams 2009, Compasión 2010, Baraná Xenopolis 2011).

Since 2011, Kamperman has also been performing in a duo with the French hurdy-gurdy virtuoso Valentin Clastrier, and with his acoustic quartet Carrousel (with pianist Jeroen van Vliet, bassist Meinrad Kneer and drummer Andreas Pichler).

In 2016, Kamperman’s opera Roodhapje – performed by Holland Opera – won the global YAMAward 2016 for best opera (Youth Audience Music Award).

Steven Kamperman performed at numerous festivals all over the world, including Istanbul, Mexico City, Beirut, Cairo, Alexandria, Damascus, Moscow, Besançon, Dijon, Novosibirsk, Lipetsk, Amman, Vienna, Ruhrgebiet, Tirana, Varna, Manchester, Berlin, Györ, and Copenhagen. He taught master classes in Modal Improvisation at the Conservatory of Utrecht and the Conservatory of Damascus.


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